“JHSF and José Auriemo Neto:Innovative Real Estate Leaders”

Among the Brazilian upper echelon real estate market, JHSF is considered one of the most affluent in the industry. JHSF is renowned for their beautiful architecture in the shopping centers, hotels, airports, restaurants and the like. JHSF was established in 1972 by two brothers, José Roberto Auriemo and Fabio Auriemo. Fabio’s oldest son, Jose Auriemo Neto, joined JHSF in 1993 and created a service’s department sector. Rising up the latter very quickly, he became the chief Executive Officer in 2003 and catapulted the company’s expansion through innovative and unique projects they developed. Mr. Neto is well-known among his constituents and clients for his business acumen and ability to foresee unique opportunity in the real estate industry. Where some companies fail, JHSF is regarded for their quality workmanship and problem solving skills.

JHSF has four sectors and operates in several countries including the United States, Brazil and Uruguay. The different business units they conduct business in are shopping centers, Fasano Hotel and restaraunts, Airports and Corporations. A large percentage of JHSF business dealings is in recurring revenue which are sources that can be counted on in the future. Two of the largest accounts JSFH has acquired is the Catarina Executive Airport and the Catarina Fashion Outlet Shopping Center. JHSF has received many accolades and awards for their notable work, including the “Outstanding in Other Formats” award of the BRAZILIAN SHOPPING CENTERS FORUM, the” Aqua Sustainable Construction Seal” and the “Pinni Award.” The company has a market value worth over one billion dollars and is expected to grow with sustainable commercial real estate ventures.

JHSF utilizes and operates within the best environmentally friendly and sustainable building practices. They built the first and most large sustainable Corporate center in Brazil, The Cidade Jardim. The Cidade Jardim was given the AQUA certificate for High Environmental Quality during the design and schedule stages of construction. JHSF is also involved in several educational and healthcare philanthropic causes and foundations which are included in the following list.

  • Verdescola
  • The Ayrton Senna Institute
  • Brazil Foundation
  • Childhood Brazil
  • Business Leaders Group/Businessman for Human Development

Bastter: https://www.bastter.com/mercado/acao/JHSF.aspx

Expertise of Dr. Cameron Clokie In Providing Healthcare Services

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a renowned scientist and surgeon. He is also a teacher and successful entrepreneur. He offers his services at the University of Toronto. Many people look for him because of high-quality service and experience in surgery.

He is committed to ensuring that surgery is undertaken while putting into consideration the professional requirements that are outlined in the profession.

He has established various community programs which are aimed at enlightening the public about the need for quality healthcare. The entrepreneurial skills that he has are essential in improving the standard of living in the society.

The students at the University of Toronto are well equipped with knowledge and skills in interdisciplinary patient care from Dr. Cameron Clokie. He has a lot of knowledge and experience which he employs in solving research problems.

He trains his students to provide healthcare service with all honesty and integrity. He considers good ethical behavior has a fundamental requirement while providing healthcare services to the patients.

Dr. Cameron Clokie has published a lot of articles which are currently used by many experts. His experience and skills have enabled him to provide lectures in many international forums.

Some of the topics that he has lectured on include bone regeneration and technology transfer in the university. His primary of goal that he was striving to achieve in life is the development of bioimplants that would be used to substitute autogenous bone grafts. Dr.clokie carries out his clinical work at Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery which is based in Toronto, Ontario.

Dr. Cameron Clokie has accomplished academician who has many academic qualifications under his name. He was enrolled in St, George’s college to pursue a secondary diploma.He joined McGill University to specialize in Bachelor of Science.

Bloomberg reveals that Cameron Clokie obtained his Ph.D. after researching on Evaluation of the Titanium Bone Interface. He has also been awarded other many certificates that include National Dental Examination, Oral Pathology and Cleft Lip and Palate.

Dr. Clokie has established many academic initiatives to promote academic excellence in the country. The initiatives include Implant Dentistry Research Clinic and Association of Ontario Dental. He is dedicated to nurturing well-trained experts who can improve the living standards of the people

JHSF developments showcase the sagacity and foresight of Jose Auriemo Neto

Building a billion-dollar real estate development is never an easy task. Much less of an easy task is building a billion-dollar real estate development on an area that could best be described as a trash heap. But such is the skill and vision of JHSF Participacaoes CEO Jose Auriemo Neto that he is capable of transforming nearly any site into a world-class luxury real estate development.

One such case was the development of the Parque Cidade Jardim, a sprawling, high-end luxury real estate complex that has proven to be one of the most successful in the history of Brazil. Today, Parque Cidade Jardim is the centerpiece of the Sao Paulo metro area. It boasts millions of square feet of the most luxurious commercial and residential real estate floor space in the city as well as the single largest luxury shopping center in the country. The complex has been a runaway success, achieving 100 percent vacancy before it was even complete.

But the fact that it even exists at all is an astonishing thing. Back in the year 2000, a young executive by the name of Jose Auriemo Neto first spotted the property, located at the intersection of two of Brazil’s most heavily trafficked highways. At the time, he took the idea to his father, legendary real estate developer Fabio Auriemo, who quickly shook his head and told him that he did not believe that it could ever be turned into a profitable venture. But Auriemo Neto was certain of the math. Even though the property consisted of nothing more than a trash-strewn wasteland with a number of badly decaying and derelict buildings, Auriemo Neto easily saw through the superficialities of the deal. Within one year, he had raised the necessary capital and was beginning the groundbreaking ceremony on the vast project.

Construction took little more than a year. By 2003, the first residents and businesses were moving into the radically transformed property. The entire area significantly beautified the city, leading to positive knock-on effects, with other desirable tenants wishing to move closer to the highly sought-after complex.


Waiakea Water and Pump Aid Team Up to Aid Disadvantaged Communities

Deep in the Hawaiian rain forest lays a body of water that is of the purest quality. Waiakea Bottled Water is proud to bottle the most pure form of this untouched water in their environmentally-friendly plastic containers. Most people are fully aware of the effects and environmental impacts when using single-use disposable water bottles, but these concerns are alleviated by Waiakea’s 100% recycled bottles and sustainable practices. By supporting Waiakea Bottled Water, you know that you are supporting quality water in bottles that are eco-friendly and free of all chemicals.
Waiakea has teamed up with Pump Aid, a company that builds and installs special water pumps in famished villages throughout the world. This unique Hawaiian volcanic water directly supports this nonprofit business and helps supply thousands with drinking water. Waiakea and Pump Aid have teamed up together to help supply water to villages that do not have drinking water, or do not have much of it. Together, they have teamed up to install the pumps and also show the villagers how to maintain and troubleshoot the pump. Currently, they are focusing their efforts on Malawi, a southeast African town. This small town is one of the most famished and underdeveloped in the world. Waiakea and Pump Aid are set out to help them get clean water and help lower the rates of death and sickness.

There are many different ways that you can support Pump Aid and Waiakea. There are always ways to donate money or even volunteer for the organization. Buying the Waiakea bottled water also helps, as the proceeds from the money earned will go towards the projects. There are millions of people all over the world that don’t have running and safe water. It is their mission to help those in need. At the same time, you are helping a much needed cause, but you are also investing in your health because you are drinking one of the best bottles of water you could possibly drink. The amazing experience and donations that have been given to the project have been overwhelming, and they are so happy to be able to continue with improvements in the future to help those obtain safe drinking water.

The Amazing Capabilities Of Securus Technologies

The kind of solution being provided by Securus Technologies is designed to make the Facilities safe and even the society safe accordingly. It is a leader in its field. This is why it is receiving thousands of emails, formal letters and such other communication from its customers, who are typically jail as well as prison officials.

I have read letters which signify that their customers are looking forward to innovations and improvements coming in from Securus Technologies. After all, these are helping them to resolve cases or even prevent them from happening.

Many times there are monitored calls that contain information with regard to the inmate using alcohol, selling drugs in the facility, or using them. I have read mails about inmates getting access to a cellular device in an illegal manner. Besides, there are issues of threats to inmates, or there may be a conversation regarding some money that may be getting transferred. There are calls which refer to any past incident that may have involved firing. There have also been calls which give information about a civilian who may have been selling prescription drugs and giving these away at a discount.

In fact, Securus Technologies has been providing services in correctional facilities for more than a decade now. They are focused on revolutionizing the environment in these Facilities. In this way, they are progressively helping in improving public safety.

It is all about the vision of Securus Technologies. Their current assessment leads to the developing of emerging capabilities. These are designed to further the investigations in order to improve jail security. This has led to investigative tools getting evolved. Besides, it enhances the capabilities too.

Securus Technologies is able to collate the reporting data. This allows the prisons to take proactive measures in order to monitor as well as deter the incidence of contraband inside these facilities.

Special Psychotherapist

Patty Rocklage is held as one of the Greater Boston Area’s mental health care experts. She is one of the best psychotherapists all around.

She has proven herself after many years and further golds her own weight in this fascinating field, always adding new questions and comments while finding some new conclusions of every own with each patient study; she has thorough knowledge of psychology in all its aspects and can show any skeptic patient what it’s all about. She is not shy to mentor or tutor to young practicing psychology students; she can even guide a seminar lecture on the many topics within as she has done many a time.

On LinkedIn, Patty stands out for her unique skills in community outreach and organization, teaching, coaching, team building, and even public speaking. This fearless leader can do it all and much more. Learn more about Patty Rocklage: http://norbifilms.com/patty-rocklage-a-therapist-at-the-office-and-a-supportive-wife-at-home/

Whether the need calls for general psychotherapy, advanced psychotherapy, social psychotherapy or anything, she is more than ready to roll with those punches. She also has more than 50 connections on LinkedIn and continues to grow her public business profile; reach out to her with a simple click.

Patty holds a reputable 20+ years of experience in counseling. She has seen almost everything in this particular line of work.

She has nearly worked with every single type of ailment and personality altogether and holds that she is more fascinated each time than she was the last; this is truly a sign that she loves what she does.

Read more: Patty Rocklage | LinkedIn

CTRMA Plans Advanced MoPac Express Lanes to Ease Traffic Congestion in Texas

The recent Viewpoint Editorial by American-Statesman argued that the traffic situation in Austin is getting worse with every passing day, and would continue going downhill if any smart solution is not implemented soon. The discussion revolved around making use of the technology to resolve the issue and ease the traffic congestion in the city. Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority has for years been implementing different methods and finding new and innovative ways to make the traffic situation less hectic in and around Austin. It has become highly essential to increase the transportation capacity of the region as it has started to affect the life of the drivers and is causing unnecessary hassles to the industrial transport happening in the State of Texas.



Mike Heiligenstein, CTRMA’s Executive Director, was glad that American-Statesman identified the traffic congestion in Austin as an issue and brought it up for discussion. Mike also said that CTRMA is working day and night and putting in all the efforts to find a viable solution to the on-going transportation crisis in the state. Mike Heiligenstein said that the problem of traffic congestion and increasing the transportation capacity of the roads in Texas is possible by following two-way solutions. Mike suggested that it is important to develop new routes in the state and around Austin to divert the traffic considerably. He also suggested that a network of smart roads be created across Texas and provide the real-time traffic updates to the commuters so that they can choose their driving time and route accordingly. It would help in cutting down a fair share of traffic that is present at the moment by ensuring that the people can organize their travel plan smartly.



Mike Heiligenstein said that MoPac Express Lanes could help tremendously in cutting down the traffic congestion. He also said that cutting down the traffic that has been building up entirely is not possible, but solutions like the construction of MoPac Express Lane would contribute generously to cutting down the building traffic problems in the city. The MoPac Express Lanes have variable toll being charged at different timings, and this would help the commuters to get an alternative they need for their routes when they are in need to reach somewhere fast.



Mike Heiligenstein has been with the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority for over three decades and has helped in the development of r183A Toll Road in the state as well, which has assisted in reducing the traffic congestion around Austin.


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Doe Deere: A Day in the Life of a Purple-Haired Beautician

Have you ever wondered how the purple-haired beauty and creator of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, starts her morning? In a recent article titled Morning Routine: How Doe Deere, Founder of Lime Crime, Starts Her Day, we are given a helpful glimpse.


She starts by waking up at 8:30 AM, using her own biological alarm clock. Doe Deere swears by receiving at least nine hours of sleep before waking up. This makes sense, since having a good beauty sleep is crucial to having clear skin. Doe Deere enjoys waking up early with a delicious breakfast in her kitchen while she contemplates the day ahead.


In addition to consuming a delicious breakfast — which is the most important meal of the day, by the way — Doe Deere likes to stay hydrated by drinking a full glass of water. She lives in Los Angeles, where she mentions that the air is very dry, so it’s important to take extra measures to stay hydrated.


If you want to start your morning like beauty innovator Doe Deere, then you would want to make a breakfast consisting of grits, yogurt, fruit, and freshly squeezed oranges. She has her own orange tree, so you might want to pick up on gardening as well.


Of course, Doe Deere enjoys her time applying her makeup, which makes sense considering her career is in the beauty field. “Doing my makeup is my favorite part of the morning because I get to spend time with myself and be free,” says Deere. She likes to listen to music when she applies her makeup, with the Beatles being a personal favorite.


So, what’s in her cosmetic bag? Doe Deere is currently using Glossier’s face wash, which is mild and smells like roses, according to Deere. Her routine begins with a moisturizer; she swears by Murad’s Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence. Doe Deere then applies her foundation, which either ranges from L’Oreal’s ‘True Match Foundation’ or MAC’s ‘Studio Fix’ for when when she’s going out.


For fans of Lime Crime everywhere, Doe Deere mentions in this article that she has been working on creating a foundation for the cosmetic line, which she is hoping will be out on the market soon.


As far as blush and lipstick goes, Doe Deere states that it’s her favorite part of applying her makeup. By adding pops of red and pink, she feels more colorful and ready to start the day. If you’re looking for specific lipsticks, Doe Deere’s go-to colors are Rustic, Red Velvet, and Pink Velvet, which all come from her Lime Crime Matte Velvetine range.


Lime Crime is an incredible makeup brand for unicorns everywhere, providing exciting and colorful cosmetic choices for the creative. It’s vegan and cruelty-free with looks inspired from the finest of fantasies. For any fan of makeup, Lime Crime is sure to be an instant addiction. Lime Crime’s mission is to revolutionize makeup, from the way you shop for it to the way it makes you feel. If you have ever want to be as expressive as Doe Deere is, then make sure to shop Lime Crime’s gorgeous cosmetic selection.


To learn more, visit http://www.doedeere.com/.


EOS Lip Balm Best Flavors

In the world of chapstick, it’s easy to say that they don’t have any new companies or brands who provided quality lip balms up until EOS came along. The Evolution of Smooth came into the industry at the right time when everybody was just so tired and exhausted by all the annoying products that were made for those who needed chapstick. Everything was plain with no taste or anything unique added to them. All you got was something to moisturize your lips, and even then it was still pushing it as something way too ordinary. Everybody just loved the way EOS Lip Balms just jumped their way in. Cool related article here on blogwebpedia.com.

EOS Lip Balm is by far one of the best to go for because they have all the best flavors that can provide you with everything from sun protection to intensely powerful soft lips.

The Sun Protection lip balms are great because of the fact that they can help protect the lips from the sun. Don’t forget to use sunscreen across your face as well to keep that safe from the harmful UV rays. The LEMON TWIST WITH SPF 15 is great because it has such a zesty taste to it and has just the right amount of protection for a light afternoon sun. The FRESH GRAPEFRUIT WITH SPF 30 is another great option because of the fruity overall taste it gives, see products here on douglas.de.

Another great thing to go for is the Vanilla Mint option from the Visibly Soft category. This option is great because it can help with giving you those very soft and poised lips without the traditional dryness that you’re used to seeing.

The best thing to do is to buy one from each category because they can all come in handy when you need them and you’re about to start a new day.

View https://www.evolutionofsmooth.de/ to check more.


Talk Fusion: Time To Hop on Board

They always say that the best way to get a result is to do something yourself. Sometimes people need to branch out, make a name on their own, and push themselves further than they ever imagined. They will get what they have always wanted out of life, which is pure happiness. A lot of people talk about being happy, but they are not exactly sure how to get it or what it means. Happiness can be different for everyone, but in the end, happiness is doing what is best for the individual and living a life that is all their own. It is not a life that someone has mapped out for them. They have created it and made it.

That is why people are realizing the way to do that is through Talk Fusion, the two-time award winning company (http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/talk-fusion-video-chat-wins-2016-communications-solutions-product-of-the-year-award-300315095.html?tc=eml_cleartime). They won an award for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year, which speaks to the level of product they have, as they received that award from the Technology Marketing Corporation. It was the second award in 2016 they received from them. With the direction that Talk Fusion is heading, many people believe they will only grow, get bigger, and get better.

It helps because they have Bob Reina in charge, and this is a man that goes out there and gets things done, no excuses. He wants the best video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. He does not want to settle for anything less than the best. He is also offering 30-day free trials to new customers of Talk Fusion, so they can see how tremendous it is and how state of the art it is, as it can be used on an Android or Apple phone. They are always changing things up, and these are good changes. These are the types of changes that keep people coming back for more and keep them happy for a long, long time. Talk Fusion’s Facebook Page.

When someone uses Talk Fusion, they part of the Talk Fusion family which is all about being positive and making something that is all your own.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TalkFusionOfficial