Lehman Brothers Moment in China? Not According To Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass doesn’t think that China is going to experience a Lehman Brothers’ moment, but in an April FOX interview he did express his supposition that there would be a forty to fifty percent chance of American economic loss as a result of Chinese credit implosion. China has been building a credit bubble for the last ten years, and eventually it will no longer be sustainable. That much is true.

Bass believes ultimately that this must happen in the next two to three years, but that it may happen by the end of 2016. At least, he’s been making noises to that effect since the fourth quarter of 2015. The question becomes: is Bass saying what he is altruistically, or because he’s got a billion tied up investment-wise and is looking to influence the market?

If investors heed Bass’ admonitions about China and curtail their investiture, is it not possible that this could lead to a faster implosion of the Chinese credit bubble? According to another Kyle Bass interview, the ultimate loss America may experience economically could be as high as 20%. When Bass makes a speculation that is 5% less accurate than a binary prediction (that is: the toss of a coin; forty to fifty percent averages at forty-five percent, which is less than a coin toss, or less than binary), how can he not be exercising manipulative technique?

Any chance less than binary isn’t worth remarking on. With the two-to-three year implosion spread he has admittedly observed, it seems Bass is trying to scare investors away by introducing doubt earlier.

Bass is known for Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, CAD, Hayman Capital Management, and making millions from America’s 2008 sub-prime lending crisis by short-selling against sub-prime loans. De Kirchner is a socialist, CAD manipulates the sick to manipulate the stock market, allowing Bass short-sell autonomy at the loss of R&D curtailed for profit reasons, Hayman Capital Management regularly under-performs, and Kyle Bass had a hand in helping facilitate the 2008 meltdown by leaking trading information to the mainstream media.

Bear-Stearns was bought out by J.P. Morgan-Chase as a result of the information Kyle Bass gave. Is Kyle Bass exercising some similar scheme to protect his current investment?

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