Doe Deere: Lime Crime Beginnings

Many big successful businesses have small humble beginnings. About 13 years ago, an entrepreneur by the name of Doe Deere has opened up an account on eBay by the name of “limecrime”. Her intention was to start a DIY fashion line. Her approach was unique. She has done all of the modeling and showcasing of her makeup. She has also worked on building her brand. Therefore, she has made sure that she is known for colorful make up. What would soon be known as Lime Crime make up has marked Doe Deere’s transition from sewing into beauty and cosmetics.


Doe Deere is an example of someone who has pursued what she wanted as a career. First, she has decided her field of desire. Afterwards, she has taken care of the merchandising and the marketing of her brand. She has worked diligently towards making her company a success. Customers have seen for themselves that the products are high in quality. They have also seen that there is a lot of room for creativity and diversity. Lime Crime make up has made it easier for women to come up with beautiful, yet unconventional looks. Doe Deere has designed her company to help people come to their own.


One of the most important things for business success is assistance. Doe Deere has a team of people that help her move her company forward. Among the people she consults is her creative director. They work together on coming up with projects. Doe Deere also meets up with other people to go into other aspects of the company. The average day pretty much consists of meetings. This is a large part of how Doe Deere keeps her company in working condition. This is also how the company moves forward.


Doe Deere is also someone who is patient when it comes to ideas. She does not try to force something. Instead, she understands how spontaneous and sporadic that creativity can be. Therefore, she waits until an idea comes. Then she writes it down as soon as possible so that she does not forget it. She also discusses her ideas with her team in order to see if it is worth pursuing.


One of the advantages that Doe Deere experiences as an entrepreneur is that she has creative freedom. In a field like fashion and beauty which requires creativity, this is important to the success of her company.

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