CTRMA Plans Advanced MoPac Express Lanes to Ease Traffic Congestion in Texas

The recent Viewpoint Editorial by American-Statesman argued that the traffic situation in Austin is getting worse with every passing day, and would continue going downhill if any smart solution is not implemented soon. The discussion revolved around making use of the technology to resolve the issue and ease the traffic congestion in the city. Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority has for years been implementing different methods and finding new and innovative ways to make the traffic situation less hectic in and around Austin. It has become highly essential to increase the transportation capacity of the region as it has started to affect the life of the drivers and is causing unnecessary hassles to the industrial transport happening in the State of Texas.



Mike Heiligenstein, CTRMA’s Executive Director, was glad that American-Statesman identified the traffic congestion in Austin as an issue and brought it up for discussion. Mike also said that CTRMA is working day and night and putting in all the efforts to find a viable solution to the on-going transportation crisis in the state. Mike Heiligenstein said that the problem of traffic congestion and increasing the transportation capacity of the roads in Texas is possible by following two-way solutions. Mike suggested that it is important to develop new routes in the state and around Austin to divert the traffic considerably. He also suggested that a network of smart roads be created across Texas and provide the real-time traffic updates to the commuters so that they can choose their driving time and route accordingly. It would help in cutting down a fair share of traffic that is present at the moment by ensuring that the people can organize their travel plan smartly.



Mike Heiligenstein said that MoPac Express Lanes could help tremendously in cutting down the traffic congestion. He also said that cutting down the traffic that has been building up entirely is not possible, but solutions like the construction of MoPac Express Lane would contribute generously to cutting down the building traffic problems in the city. The MoPac Express Lanes have variable toll being charged at different timings, and this would help the commuters to get an alternative they need for their routes when they are in need to reach somewhere fast.



Mike Heiligenstein has been with the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority for over three decades and has helped in the development of r183A Toll Road in the state as well, which has assisted in reducing the traffic congestion around Austin.


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