Special Psychotherapist

Patty Rocklage is held as one of the Greater Boston Area’s mental health care experts. She is one of the best psychotherapists all around.

She has proven herself after many years and further golds her own weight in this fascinating field, always adding new questions and comments while finding some new conclusions of every own with each patient study; she has thorough knowledge of psychology in all its aspects and can show any skeptic patient what it’s all about. She is not shy to mentor or tutor to young practicing psychology students; she can even guide a seminar lecture on the many topics within as she has done many a time.

On LinkedIn, Patty stands out for her unique skills in community outreach and organization, teaching, coaching, team building, and even public speaking. This fearless leader can do it all and much more. Learn more about Patty Rocklage: http://norbifilms.com/patty-rocklage-a-therapist-at-the-office-and-a-supportive-wife-at-home/

Whether the need calls for general psychotherapy, advanced psychotherapy, social psychotherapy or anything, she is more than ready to roll with those punches. She also has more than 50 connections on LinkedIn and continues to grow her public business profile; reach out to her with a simple click.

Patty holds a reputable 20+ years of experience in counseling. She has seen almost everything in this particular line of work.

She has nearly worked with every single type of ailment and personality altogether and holds that she is more fascinated each time than she was the last; this is truly a sign that she loves what she does.

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