Dr. David Samadi Informs Readers about Mitt Romney’s Cancer Diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis is a very serious matter. If not caught early, cancer can easily spread to other major organs. One doctor who fully understands the implication of a cancer diagnosis is Dr. David Samadi. As a highly trained medical professional, he’s been treating patients with this problem for decades. He knows that cancers can vary greatly. Some forms of cancer are very dangerous and deadly. They can kill people quickly. Other kinds of cancers can be controlled and cause very few symptoms. One such form of cancer is prostate cancer. Dr. David Samadi tells his readers about this kind of cancer in a recent article. Prostate cancer is again in the news today because Mitt Romney has been diagnosed with it. Romney was the Republican nominee for president. Since losing the election to Obama, he’s still been in the spotlight. His latest announcement is that he plans to run for governor in Utah. As experts like Dr. David Samadi know well, a person who is running for any kind of public office needs to disclose any medical conditions that may cause issues in their lives. The good doctor believes that Americans should understand what a prognosis of prostate cancer really entails.

Speaking the Public

Dr. David Samadi is well qualified to speak to the public about this issue. Born in Iran, he and his family moved to the United States to seek better opportunities. Once in America, he was able to embrace all the country has to offer people. He quickly sought out higher education opportunities. He earned a degree in biochemistry from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He then earned a degree in medicine from the Stony Brook School of Medicine. The doctor decided to make urology his specialty. At present, he is the Chairman of Urology and the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. In this capacity, he has overseen many surgeries. As such, he knows what this kind of diagnosis entails. He believes that Mitt Romney has a very good chance of recovery and a chance to avoid any recurrence of the cancer. He points out that Romney opted for surgery. He believes this can be the best choice for certain patients. He also believes that a prognosis like this one often has a very good long-term outlook. He is confident that Romney will have access to great medical care.

His Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/drdavidsamadi

Desiree Perez – A Female Force in the Music Industry

Women are just as successful (if not more) in today’s entertainment world as they were decades ago. One of these women is Desiree Perez. She is one of the top, most successful female executives in today’s music industry. Desiree Perez is so successful that she is often mentioned alongside Jay-Z. She has worked for Jay-Z’s media company, ROC Nation, since 2009 and had a big part in Jay-Z’s business success by running SC Enterprises and transforming him to be a success in the business industry.

The success of Desiree Perez has had herself, has allowed her to become a role model towards empowering women. This empowerment came to light with the recently hosted Grammys. Neil Portnow, the president of Recording Academy, commented that women in the music industry needed to step up to be successful in the industry. His comment caused a lot of backlash and skepticism. Why do women need to step up if that’s what they’ve been doing for years? There have been many successful women in the music industry – Selena, Dolly Parton, Reba, Celine Dion – just to name a few. So how can Portnow say what he did?

Because of his comment, a petition was formed and 6 top female music personnel, including Desiree Perez, signed it. The petition states that Recording Academy and the Grammys (which the academy presents) is not in touch with what’s going on in today’s music business or in society itself. As a result of the petition, Mr. Portnow and the academy will take a look at what their company represents for women.This goes to show that Desiree Perez is once again (and always will be) a female force for empowering women in the music industry and in society – whether it’s through business endeavors or signing a petition.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: Plastic Surgery Artiste

A board-certified surgeon, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is renowned and respected in the medical field, and beloved and sanctified by his patients. Having practiced plastic surgery for 20 years, he is a veritable master at his craft. Dr. Jejurikar has helped innumerable men and women transform themselves, learning to love the skin they’re in. Although a cosmetic surgeon, he believes plastic surgery has the potential to completely revolutionize lives; for this reason, he has volunteered his time in impoverished countries, lending his skills to those who cannot afford to pay for his services.


Dr. Jejurikar volunteers through the program Smile Bangladesh. This non-profit recruits plastic surgeons and ships them overseas to Bangladesh, where he operates on children who were born with cleft palate deformities; these deformities drastically affect these children’s speaking and eating abilities. In addition, they are also ostracized by their community, leading to a lifetime of pain. By volunteering, Dr. Jejurikar has touched the lives of many forever, a true testament to his humility.


When he is not volunteering, Dr. J splits his time between his offices in Dallas and Plano. He is well-versed in a plentitude of cosmetic procedures, such as breast augmentation, breast lifts, liposuction, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, facelifts, and Brazilian Butt Lifts.


Dr. Jejurikar is an industry leader, having published a number of medical reports and articles in respected publications like the Journal of Surgical Research, Annals of Plastic Surgery and the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.


His expertise, combined with his honor, compassion, and care for his patients have resulted in him being awarded the 2012’s Compassionate Doctor Certification. This award is no easy feat to achieve, as Dr. Jejurkar had thousands of fellow doctors competing against him. However, the love his patients held for him prevailed, and after campaigning for Dr. J’s favor, he became a recipient, a testament to his upkeeping of the Hippocratic Oath.


Malcom CasSelle Leads WAX Into A Future Where Its Users Can Trade Virtual Assets Freely And Securely

OPSkins is the top bitcoin merchant in the world and is also the number one place to sale in-game virtual assets. Because of the fact that the world is in need of a decentralized marketplace for virtual assets, the founders of OPSkins are looking to get their new company, WAX, off of the ground. WAX is a marketplace where users can trade virtual assets using blockchain technology that makes it very efficient. This will help to create a more secure future for the trading of virtual assets and unites a market that has been fragmented for some time. With the creation of the WAX Token, buyers and sellers of virtual items can make quick trades knowing that they are using a system that protects them from fraud. This is certainly the future of the industry, and WAX is setting itself up as a worldwide leader.

Malcolm CasSelle is a successful entrepreneur, the Chief Information Officer of OPSkins, and the President of the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). He studied at MIT where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and also earned a Master’s Degree in Computer Science while going to Stanford University. He knows how to speak, both, Mandarin and Japanese, and these languages have come in handy as he has done business in countries where they are relevant. CasSelle’s intuitive form of investing led him to foresee the success of many different companies, and he was able to get in on the ground floor and make investments in them that paid off. A couple of these companies include Zynga and Facebook, and he also had the insight to invest in a spread of companies related to the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Before Malcom CasSelle went to work with WAX, he was the President and CTO ofNew Ventures at tronc, Inc. Previously, he also worked with Digital Media of SeaChange International as the company’s General Manager and Senior Vice President. In 2015, he became the CEO of Timeline Labs when it was purchased by SeaChange International. Before all of this, he guided many different startups and among these were Xfire, MediaPass, and a joint venture between Tencent in China and Groupon.

Fabletics-Making a Name For Itself

Fabletics has become worth $250 million by scaling slowly and getting to know its customers through the Lifestyle Quiz. The lifestyle Quiz makes it possible to give their customers a personalized experience while matching them up to the perfect outfits. It is also a great way to make their customers feel like the company cares and wants to provide the very best service that they can.


Fabletics has avoided losing sales due to “showrooming” because about 30 to 50 percent of all of their customers that shop their stores are already part of the Fabletics membership. They also have another 25 percent of customers that decide to join the monthly membership in-store. All purchases made by their customers count towards their shopping cart as well, whether they shop online or in-store so there is no need for shoppers to browse and then try to find a lower price elsewhere. It’s a win-win because shoppers get the very best price and Fabletics doesn’t lose out on sales.


Fabletics uses a subscription service to offer its customers convenience, and they strive to give their customers what they want so the personalized service us based on the answers that their customers give in the Lifestyle Quiz.


Kate Hudson is a great advocate for Fabletics. She not only lives the active lifestyle that Fabletics promotes, but she is also often spotted wearing outfits for her own company. The brand is all about self-empowerment and about feeling good on the skin you are in. The outfits are not only very stylish and sexy, but they are affordable, practical and comfortable enough to wear even outside of the gym.


For far too long, brands have defined quality and price often meant that the quality of an item was better. Fabletics has dashed this perception, and they are offering high-quality clothing that doesn’t have to break the bank.


Fabletics is planning to expand their physical stores into the Illinois, Hawaii, California, and Florida areas and they are growing in members by the day. The brand has really caught on, and their customers are happy with not only the clothing but they great service and personalized shopping experience as well. The brand has focused on the culture, lifestyle, and trends of their customer base and it has really worked in their favor in the long run. Fabletics knows and cares about their customers and their customers know that.

Ricardo Tosto: Getting Reliable Business Advice

Are you wondering whether to get a lawyer or not? Not sure how a lawyer can help your business or organization? Business lawyers advise and represent clients when a legal issue arises.

Business lawyers have a good understanding of the rules and regulations affecting businesses and corporations. Before hiring a lawyer or law firm, you should do your homework and get information about the reputation and experience of the lawyer.

In Brazil, many organizations and professionals enlist the services of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho when they encounter legal problems. A large number of them choose to retain Mr Ricardo Tosto for on-going legal advice and guidance. Ricardo Tosto takes all necessary steps to protect the best interests of his clients.

If you operate business or manage an organization, you definitely need a lawyer to advise and guide you. There are many lawyers out there offering to deliver top notch services and legal solutions to you but not all law firms or lawyer will be suitable for your needs. It is crucial to take the time to find the right lawyer or law firm for your business needs.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a renowned business lawyer and litigation expert. Ricardo Tosto works closely with clients to address their legal matters and get them a desirable outcome. Ricardo Tosto runs one of the most popular law firms in Brazil and is well respected in the legal community.

Lawyers provide a variety of services outside of the courtroom. Business lawyers help clients perform functions such as drafting contracts, and handling the registration of federal trademark and copyright protection. A knowledgeable lawyer can be a your one-stop-shop for establishing a stronger organization and meeting the legal needs of your small business.

Ricardo Tosto helps clients determine the best legal structure of their business. Ricardo Tosto advises clients on the pros and cons of registering their business as a business partnership, limited liability corporation (LLC), or corporation. Although entrepreneurs or businesses do not need a lawyer to create a partnership or LLC, forming a corporation requires the expertise of a lawyer. Watch youttube channel