Dedicated Business Developer Ronald Fowlkes

Ronald Fowlkes is the director of business development and co-owner of FirstSpear a defense equipment and gear company. He was a member of the St. Louis Police Department SWAT group and served in the Marines. He has worked as a military products sales and business development manager at ITW and as manager of business and development at Eagle Industries.


FirstSpear specializes in producing strategic equipment for the United States and international countries that are in the line of defense. They create gear that is functional and sturdy that will perform well in combats and hostile environments. Some of their products include vests, maritime equipment, and chest rigs. They also provide helmets and holsters made to wear in tactile situations.


When Robert Fowlkes served in the Marines, he was exposed to FirstSpear but developed an interest when he in the police force. He thought the gear was well made and wanted to become a member of the company. He had experience with design and development before joining the company and has incorporated his expertise to implement new ideas. He promotes the company by utilizing direct marketing and working with local and state law enforcement.


Fowlkes keeps a busy schedule and coordinates his personal and business responsibilities equally. He does not work a regular work day and keeps track of his correspondences utilizing technology. He works with his business development team to secure large orders and has a reputable list of clients. He values his clients and works closely with them to ensure their needs are met. He creates goals and works hard to meet and exceed client’s expectations.


Since working at FirstSpear, Fowlkes has taken measures to protect their equipment and has patented many products. He believes in taking notes and using flash cards to assist with remaining productive. He prefers to be around good people and sharing his responsibilities with others to meet goals. He is dedicated to FirstSpear and is new ideas that include the Tier 1 Operator and the tube technology which make gear lighter and versatile.


Additionally, Fowlkes has an interest in hockey and coaching youth leagues. He has a blog on Medium where he discusses his thoughts about the NHL. In one of his blogs, he talks about the regulations for fighting in NHL. The blog states that fighting has been restricted due to players being injured and impacting the outcome of the game. He believes that fighting in the NHL will not be eliminated but will be curbed.


Robert Fowlkes brings his military and law enforcement experience to FirstSpear as well as his belief in providing quality service. He is a valued member of the company and will continue to contribute to their success.


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