Exploring CP+B CEO Lori Senecal’s Career

Lori Senecal has had a varied career on her path to being named CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B). She has created a reputation for bringing critical globalization strategies to the companies she has joined. She has also been a prominent voice in having more women being in executive teams.
Lori graduated from McGill University in Montreal. Her first job upon graduation was working for Vickors & Benson, specifically working on the Ford account in the media department. After this she moved on to Interpublic Group’s McCann Erickson Toronto and found success there as well.
In 2003 Mrs. Senecal co-founded a company, TAG Ideation. This company was focused on marketing to young adults. She was able to use this experience and what she learned from it to become the Global Chief Innovation Officer for McCann World Group. It was during this time that she really began to gain her reputation for being very good at creating global marketing strategies. She developed enough of a reputation that she was eventually named President of McCann Erickson.
Her next move was to Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners, or KBS. During her time here she moved up in the chain of the company starting from the President and CEO of the company. Through hard work and dedication she was promoted to Chairman + CEO, and finally to Global Executive Chairman of the company.
Seeking new challenges Lori Senecal moved on, this time being hired as the President & CEO of MDC Partners. During this phase she was really able to cement her abilities to effectively perform global branding and strategy. This experience led her to her current role today, which is the Global CEO of CP+B. In this role she oversees the firms global growth and expansion strategies.
As Global CEO Senecal manages the company’s nine international offices. She has also transformed the way the company does business and its culture. The company has seen worldwide growth under her leadership and she has won awards such as the “Creativity Innovators of the Year” award and “Agency Executives to Watch”.

Sweetgreen: Selling More Than Just Salads

The best ideas are born when you desperately want something and there is no one producing that which you specifically want. That is how Sweetgreen was born, from the need to find a healthy, sustainable and friendly eatery. Ru, one of the co-founders of Sweetgreen spoke at the Wharton Marketing Conference revealing the challenges they went through and how Sweetgreen was born. The need to find a great eatery drove the four senior students to come up with a business plan and present it to their landlord who made them learn the virtue of persistence and commitment by playing cat and mouse with them for almost a month.



Ru adds that Sweetgreen is committed to all its stakeholders including the employees, clients and investors. For them to be this successful in a span of seven years they have learn the virtue of selling not only their healthy meals but also selling values and themselves as a brand. The company goes over and beyond to treat their customers well.



Having a strong corporate culture is another main attribute to the success of Sweetgreen. It is not so much of the meals but the values the company shares and speaks while serving their clients. Businesses and entrepreneurs can borrow a leaf from Sweetgreen. The three partners were straight from college but through a thorough market research and personal experiences, they have been able to take their business to a high competitive level in just a few years since its conception.



Nathaniel Ru has a bachelor’s degree in finance from Georgetown University, Washington D.C. he was born in Pasadena California. His entrepreneurial spirits come from being raised by entrepreneurial parents. He is also the principal in Sweetlife Ventures, a festival that is held annually that brings both musicians, artists and hoteliers together to make merry and celebrate together.

Sam Tabar, a Lead Finance Investment Analyst

We live in an increasingly complex financial world with ever changing marketing and investment strategies. Sam Tabar is the man to watch out for. He is incredibly talented in both worlds of financial investments and global marketing as well as legal matters.

He is the new Chief Financial Officer for Awearable Apparel, a position he will most certainly surpass expectations since he is well skilled in global marketing and investor relations. His stint at PMA as a financial strategist will most likely see him replicate his success in increasing the capital, asset and economic base of Awearable Apparel.

Sam Tabar has an excellent academic combination that puts him ahead if his peers with knowledge and experience that is suited for the modern business scene. He has a Bachelors Degree from Oxford Univ5ersity and a law degree from Columbia Law School. He has worked with leading law firms such as Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP and others, where he practiced law on compliance and regulations of hedge funds for their clients. Sam is still a member of the bar.

He is currently the Chief Operations Officer of FullCycle energy, a position he is holding concurrently with the Awearable Apparel’s C.F.O position. He is also a contributor to the Huffington’s Post, writing articles on financial investment and law. Sam Tabar takes on challenges, and this explains his interest in start-up businesses, expanding the investment portfolios of his firms.

Sam Tabar’s interest in finance started while practicing law. He began his financial investment career in 2004 at PMA Investment Advisors and was responsible for managing a hedge fund worth$2 billion. Together with other partners, he grew the portfolio by over $1.2 billion in assets alone. He has an impressive resume. He was also a former head of capital introduction for Merrill Lynch Corporation, Asia-Pacific division. He is also involved in pension investments, endowment funds, and runs foundations.

He is fluent in French and Japanese which gives him an edge in multinational clients. Sam loves traveling as a hobby and is knowledgeable in several cultures all credit to his extensive traveling. He is also a venture capitalist, and his newest private venture is SheThinx, a start-up dealing with female hygiene products. He is also an environmental conservation enthusiast.

Securus Technologies Sends Out Press Release To Defend Itself

Technology is an interesting part of the business world. The use of technology has changed the way people and businesses go about daily tasks. While technology has become an important part of how things are done in the business world, the use of technology has its positives and negatives. The positives of technology are numerous. In the business world, things are currently done that would not be possible without the use of technology.


However, with any changes in the business world, there are some negatives that can impact the changes. One of the negatives of technology is that it is very easy to communicate with a lot of people. Today, a dispute can be taken to the public in a matter of a few seconds. While it can be done in a few seconds, the results of open communication with the public can be felt for a long time if not properly handled.


A recent situation between Securus Technologies and GTL demonstrates what the use of technology can do regarding a dispute. GTL decided to send out a press release to make public a dispute it had with Securus Technologies. The dispute was about technology patent and ownership rights between the companies. GTL sent out a press release making claims against Securus Technologies concerning the technology dispute.


As a result of the press release, Securus Technologies was put in a position where the company felt that it had to defend itself against the claims made by GTL. Therefore, Securus Technologies sent out a press release that basically referenced the claims made by GTL individually and listed why the claims were not correct and contained inaccurate information.


I feel that Securus Technologies handled the dispute with GTL in the best way possible. The company used the same form of communication that GTL used originally. In addition, Securus Technologies attacked each claim individually, which was very effective.


Securus Technologies  is a leading technology company that provides products and services to a variety of public sector markets.



Doe Deere: Lime Crime Beginnings

Many big successful businesses have small humble beginnings. About 13 years ago, an entrepreneur by the name of Doe Deere has opened up an account on eBay by the name of “limecrime”. Her intention was to start a DIY fashion line. Her approach was unique. She has done all of the modeling and showcasing of her makeup. She has also worked on building her brand. Therefore, she has made sure that she is known for colorful make up. What would soon be known as Lime Crime make up has marked Doe Deere’s transition from sewing into beauty and cosmetics.


Doe Deere is an example of someone who has pursued what she wanted as a career. First, she has decided her field of desire. Afterwards, she has taken care of the merchandising and the marketing of her brand. She has worked diligently towards making her company a success. Customers have seen for themselves that the products are high in quality. They have also seen that there is a lot of room for creativity and diversity. Lime Crime make up has made it easier for women to come up with beautiful, yet unconventional looks. Doe Deere has designed her company to help people come to their own.

One of the most important things for business success is assistance. Doe Deere has a team of people that help her move her company forward. Among the people she consults is her creative director. They work together on coming up with projects. Doe Deere also meets up with other people to go into other aspects of the company. The average day pretty much consists of meetings. This is a large part of how Doe Deere keeps her company in working condition. This is also how the company moves forward.

Doe Deere is also someone who is patient when it comes to ideas. She does not try to force something. Instead, she understands how spontaneous and sporadic that creativity can be. Therefore, she waits until an idea comes. Then she writes it down as soon as possible so that she does not forget it. She also discusses her ideas with her team in order to see if it is worth pursuing.

One of the advantages that Doe Deere experiences as an entrepreneur is that she has creative freedom. In a field like fashion and beauty which requires creativity, this is important to the success of her company.

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HCRC Founder, Brian Torchin Responds To Transitions In Healthcare Recruitment

A decade is a long time to be in a successful, thriving business, yet HCRC Staffing founder, Brian Torchin has done just that. In fact, Torchin has found success in several enterprises. He’s regarded as a chiropractic guru, with vivid vision for success. His business solutions come from combined creativity and an innovative spirit that helps many of today’s companies maximize opportunities.

Responding To Transitions In Healthcare

To respond to the changes and evolving requirements in healthcare systems, clinics and private practices are increasingly turning to staffing companies, like Philadelphia-based HCRC. According to Brian Torchin, staffing companies have become a strategic approach for organizations to improve care for patients.

Healthcare organizations have found that the recruitment process for professionals are easily handled by staffing companies. This process helps to reduce the cost of recruitment, and the training of the healthcare workforce.

Moreover, in the long run, this well-designed process can also improve staff productivity, and retention. “Organizations have found that one critical element of using our staffing agency is having less absenteeism, and improved employee engagement. By utilizing staffing agencies, you find you have a better workforce in place,” says Torchin.

One area HCRC stafing is most useful is attrition. Attrition can be a result of many reasons today, including death in families, raising children, seeking additional training, or even migration to other locations, yet patient needs continue.

The demand for healthcare services has put HCRC front and center for staffing requirements and Torchin does a heck of a job matching supply for demand.

According to Proudct Hunt, Brian Torchin has achieved remarkable success in a field of uncertainties and challenges. With a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware in Education Science, and additional medical training as a chiropractor, Torchin built a successful practice.

In 2007, he co-founded HCRC Staffing, turning the healthcare recruitment business into a nationwide success.


At times you need to host a party, a wedding, birthday, galas or even organize team building events at work. The pressure to host the most perfect event is always there. That’s the reason why having a professional event planner is important. Below are some steps to getting the best event planner.



  1. Define the goals of the events by listing the who, what, when, where, why and how of the event.


  1. Determine why you need an event planner by listing the services or activities to the event you want them to handle.


  1. Set a budget based on the type of the event and what you want to it to include.


  1. Find a qualified event planner based on their experience and reputation. You can do this through the national and local chapters of professional affiliations, hotels or the local chambers of commerce.


  1. Interview three event planners focusing on their expertise and experience. Provide them with details of your event so that they can contextualize it. Meet the potential planners so as to assess your compatibility with them and also consider the opinion of friends and colleagues.


  1. Each of the planners should then present you with a plan of the event. Take the planner that adds most value to your event based on the budget that you presented.


  1. Get the total costs and terms of the planner. It is advisable to have a legal counsel evaluate the contracts before signing.


  1. Work with the planner selected but also make direct confirmations with the parties such as venues and suppliers engaged by the planner.


  1. Have a backup option which you can take in case the planner fails you and you fire them.



One of the biggest event planning companies in NYC is Twenty Three Layers. It was founded by Jessica Boskoff who is also its CEO. It is made of professionals in the event planning industry such as Sarah Freedman and Lindsay Hayden. Twenty Three Layers brings together brilliant and creative minds that will make you event fabulous. Next time you want event planners in NYC, reach out to Twenty three Layers and your event will remain on everyone’s lips.



Enjoy Radical Shades Of Makeup With The Best In Industry

Doe Deere, single-handedly, created the first velvetine matte based cosmetics. Her increasingly, popular Lime Crime beauty products are taking the industry by storm. She is the proud CEO and Founder of Lime Crime and was named female entrepreneur of the year by L.C. Galore magazine. They offer sensational colors that will leave you unapologetic bold colors that leave your skin feeling fresh. Velvetine matte and superfoil cosmetics go on moist with a dry to perfection mold on your eyelids and lips. Lime Crime provides waterproof all day coverage for less than the competitors.


Deere got her start, as an early entrepreneur, in her hometown of Russia. At the age of thirteen, she discovered the benefits of popularizing temporary tattoos by simply wearing them and marketing them to her friends. She became to sell novelty tattoos to her friends and realized how popular they had become among her friends. By seventeen, she was living in New York City and interested in becoming a part of the band. She became a vocalist in the band and discovered the benefits of being able to attract fans to her brand and events.


Surprisingly, Doe Deere left the band, but captured the heart of the band soloist and they were married. Deere began to take classes at the local design school. She learned that her unconventional way of thinking could be an asset. Deere stated in a recent L.C. Galore magazine, “more people should go with their inner creativity and follow their dreams to be successful.” Designed school inspired her creativity and she began to create her own makeup colors that excluded the dull neutral colors of the 90’s. Her collection included fascinating colors like Radical Metallic and Purple Sorbet.


Deere became technologically savvy in direct relation to her marketing skills. Technology created an advanced method of marketing her products. Lime Crime is one of the largest growing cosmetics in the industry. Her makeup is designed to enhance your confidence about your color options with limitless bold choices. You can find YouTube tutorials from actual users that will inspire your creativity, by giving you ways to mix, match, blend, remove, apply, and accessorize Lime Crime. Your favorite celebrities uses Deere’s makeup because it holds under the camera lights. You’re invited to visit the official Lime Crime website for more details on their products and promotional offers.

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Nathaniel Ru Brings Out the Best in Healthy Food

Healthy food isn’t something that makes people hop up and down with grand anticipation. Everyone isn’t going to want to eat healthy off the bat, but Nathaniel Ru can work as a catalyst for changing the attitudes of people that do not think that eating healthy can be fun. He is doing this best to bring out healthy food to a mainstream audience.


Nathaniel Ru has presented Sweetgreen as the hottest thing that millennials can connect to if they want to eat healthy. He has shown the world that Curry Cauliflower, Cranberry Ginger Fresca and Chicken and Brussels make for happy meals. This is a restaurant chain that has an open kitchen. There are teams that are using spices and slices of fresh fruit to generate a lot of buzz. This is becoming the eating establishment that still remains affordable when so many other companies have failed to provide healthy food at lower prices.


What Nathaniel Ru has done is recognize the power of supply and demand. He knows about the economies of scale. It has been easier to get lower costs of vegetables when you sell nothing but vegetables and fruit. There are other fast food establishments that sell burgers, but these establishments also sell other things like salads. The salads are going to be more here at some of these places because this is not a common place item. The crew isn’t making salads all day so this will not be the thing that makes the most money. Since salads are not a cash cow for places like McDonalds it will be expensive to buy these salads.


Nathaniel Ru has found the way to elevate this food establishment from one level to the next. He has done all that he could to market this organization in a way that makes this company stand out a higher echelon of restaurants. There are bountiful ways to attract customers, but Nathaniel Ru has found that the best way to keep customers loyal is to provide good food. That is what founders of restaurants have to do. It doesn’t matter how healthy it is. It doesn’t matter how reasonably priced these menu items are. If it doesn’t take good the customers are not going to eat it. Nathaniel Ru made Sweetgreen popular, and he has never thought about compromising his plans to bringing healthy food. He has made customers appreciate eating healthy.

The Answer to Shrinking Retail Margins? Pet Food

Kenneth Goodgame has an enviable perspective on small retail merchandising. As senior vice president of True Value Hardware, maintaining profitability margins was job one. Like many, he’s seen margins shrink due to online and big-box competition. He’s found it necessary to dig deeper to find profitable categories for the smaller merchant.

His latest answer? Pet food

According to one of Kenneth Goodgame’s recent blog posts, premium pet food is one category the smaller merchant needs to consider in their battle preserve and extend margins.

At one time, most people considered pet food a commodity. The dominant brands sold large bags of undifferentiated food at paper-thin margins. However, over the last ten years, it seems pet owners have taken their four-legged friends’ health and welfare (not to mention tastebuds) far more seriously.

Kenneth cites research claiming that premium pet foods now account for 50% of pet food advertising print space. The price point for premium foods is in the $39-$49 range for a twenty-pound bag. Some brands are able to demand $49 for a ten pound bag alone.

This is good news for the small merchant. Pet food accounts for over 60% of pet item floor space. By its very nature is a recurring purchase. Discerning pet owners have been pushing the category towards even greater specialization and quality, and they’re willing to pay for it – again and again.

According to CMT, Kenneth Goodgame’s experience in small retail is extensive. Before his stint at True Value from 2013 to 2015, he was merchandising manager for Ace Hardware.

He brought the Craftsman tool concession to Ace, adding a considerable boost to the bottom line by incorporating a high-profile brand previously available only at Sears.

Goodgame foresees the next great frontier in pet food will be freshness: It looks like refrigerated cabinets full of fresh pet food will be coming to the small retail world soon.