Finding Opportunities and Taking Them On Courageously Like Lori Senecal

Throughout her career, Lori Senecal has shown a lot of courage and has taken a lot of risks. This type of courage is what landed her advancements in her career. She has shown an ability to make the hard choices for companies which would ultimately bring it to greater levels of success. This courage and bravery to take on uncomfortable situations is what has helped her hold positions in leadership for the companies that she has worked for in the advertising industry among other industries. However, one would not expect her to go in the direction she did if they were to observe her as a child.

There are certain types of children that get a lot of attention growing up. Lori Senecal was not one of those children. She has not been the center of attention when she was around other children. However, she has realized that being the center of attention is not what she wanted anyway. She has decided to take on other activities that have helped build her confidence without having to interact with people or work with them. One example of this is gymnastics. This activity has given her enough confidence to coach and help build confidence in others.

Despite her shy and introverted personality, she has taken an interest in marketing. Of course some people would try to talk her into pursuing something else because marketing requires being able to reach out and network with people. However in her NY Times interview, one thing that is important for Lori Senecal is that she is pursuing something that she is interested in. One thing that Lori did not want was to settle for less just because someone wouldn’t approve of her. Therefore, she has looked out for opportunities to get into marketing and has taken them with courage.

One thing that Lori Senecal has shown is that it is important to take on opportunities right away so that one could be able to succeed at what she wants. If one hesitates even for a second, that could result in the opportunity vanishing. Fortunately, Lori has taken many opportunities and has eventually become one of the leaders of CP&B.

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