The Manse on Marsh Cares About Its Residents

The Manse on Marsh is a wonderful assisted living facility located in downtown San Luis Obispo, California. This location is conveniently located near restaurants, ice cream shops, coffee shops, bookstores, and even a church. With a welcoming appearance both from the outside and inside, it is no wonder why residents are happy to call this place home.

The Manse on Marsh recently won the “Caring Star” Award for the second time in a row. This award honors those assisted living facilities that have maintained an overall average ratings of 4 stars or more, have no unresolved negative reviews, and earned at least one five-star review between December 2014 through September 2015. The Manse on Marsh is exceptional as they maintained an overall average of five-stars and received five five-star reviews. This shows potential residents and their families that they truly care about each and every one of its residents.

This facility offers studio, one bedroom, and two bedrooms depending on what residents are looking for. The staff is very warm and inviting, making sure to pay special attention to each resident’s needs. This customized plan allows residents to choose which services they need and only pay for those services. With over 150 services to choose from, residents are happy to have a unique care plan that is just for them. Some of these services include maid and laundry, medication management, meal reminders, bathing and grooming, assistance with pet care, and convenient transportation. A full-time registered nurse is on staff as well.

As a welcome to the facility, The Manse on Marsh offers personal interaction with the Directors and Staff, including their Resident Welcoming Committee.  They also offer a variety of different programs to help residents stay active and interact with one another. Whatever the need, it is best to book a tour now to see everything this facility has to offer its residents.  Check them out on social media!

Doe Deere Of Lime Crime Lets Loose Secrets Of Success

Lime Crime began in 2008 and was Doe Deere’s idea of a fun, unique internet handle. Doe wasn’t trying to do anything as revolutionary as what Lime Crime would eventually become–a very profitable business so remarkable it got Doe Deere published on the cover of Self-Made Magazine as one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs. According to Doe, the whole incident had more to do with simply following her tastes in makeup and sharing them with the world.

In a recent interview, Doe revealed that she had always been very much interested in color, and its application. From the time she was a little girl, playing with friends and applying makeup to enhance their playtime experiences, Doe has always enjoyed pushing the envelope and seeing what kind of fun things can be discovered. She admits, in the interview, that until her twenties her skills at makeup weren’t what would be conventionally described as “good”. It’s interesting to note the time involved in truly becoming skillful at something. In the interview, Doe states that her initial introduction to colors happened at the age of nine. It took until her later twenties until that introduction yielded anything especially worthwhile. Nearly twenty years passed from her introduction to something she loved, to her profitable utilization of this developed skill in the business world.

It appears that with Lime Crime, an instance of cultural resonance has helped spread Deere’s popular product. As Doe began publishing her discoveries on Instagram, a following naturally accumulated. Deere calls this Lime Crime following unicorns because they are all fans of that particular rare, beautiful exuberance her brand exudes.

Though Doe admits she’d have named the makeup line something more professionally marketable if she’d known how quickly Lime Crime would become a brand-recognizable name, she thinks it a blessing in disguise that emphasizes her unique creation.

What this seems to indicate is that following that unique, special something intrinsic to all individuals can ultimately yield real success. Perhaps that’s Doe’s biggest “secret”.

Lehman Brothers Moment in China? Not According To Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass doesn’t think that China is going to experience a Lehman Brothers’ moment, but in an April FOX interview he did express his supposition that there would be a forty to fifty percent chance of American economic loss as a result of Chinese credit implosion. China has been building a credit bubble for the last ten years, and eventually it will no longer be sustainable. That much is true.

Bass believes ultimately that this must happen in the next two to three years, but that it may happen by the end of 2016. At least, he’s been making noises to that effect since the fourth quarter of 2015. The question becomes: is Bass saying what he is altruistically, or because he’s got a billion tied up investment-wise and is looking to influence the market?

If investors heed Bass’ admonitions about China and curtail their investiture, is it not possible that this could lead to a faster implosion of the Chinese credit bubble? According to another Kyle Bass interview, the ultimate loss America may experience economically could be as high as 20%. When Bass makes a speculation that is 5% less accurate than a binary prediction (that is: the toss of a coin; forty to fifty percent averages at forty-five percent, which is less than a coin toss, or less than binary), how can he not be exercising manipulative technique?

Any chance less than binary isn’t worth remarking on. With the two-to-three year implosion spread he has admittedly observed, it seems Bass is trying to scare investors away by introducing doubt earlier.

Bass is known for Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, CAD, Hayman Capital Management, and making millions from America’s 2008 sub-prime lending crisis by short-selling against sub-prime loans. De Kirchner is a socialist, CAD manipulates the sick to manipulate the stock market, allowing Bass short-sell autonomy at the loss of R&D curtailed for profit reasons, Hayman Capital Management regularly under-performs, and Kyle Bass had a hand in helping facilitate the 2008 meltdown by leaking trading information to the mainstream media.

Bear-Stearns was bought out by J.P. Morgan-Chase as a result of the information Kyle Bass gave. Is Kyle Bass exercising some similar scheme to protect his current investment?

VTA Publications Becomes A Best Selling Publisher

VTA Publications, a leading developer of non-fiction educational manuscripts, has recently been praised by major media outlets for becoming a best-selling publisher. The company has recently released several volumes of literature with a focus on educating the masses about wealth building strategies in the modern age. VTA Publications has a long history for developing educational material that benefits consumers of financial literature. The leaders of the company expressed their elation at being named as one of the best-selling publishing companies in the United States and stated that they look forward continuing to dispense financial knowledge via the VTA Publications platform.

VTA Publications has launched a large number successful books and courses over the last several years. This lists includes a recent publication written by the company’s chief executive officer, Jim Hunt. Jim Hunt’s new book is describes what the businessman calls a wealth wave, and teaches interested parties how to capitalize on a failing stock market. The launch of the book has been one of the most successful launches that VTA Publications has ever experienced. The book has sold quite well in the United States, and the company is now gearing up for a book launch in Canada. Leaders at VTA Publications recently expressed their excitement for the Canadian book tour and have stated that the company looks forward to positive reviews during the launch.

During an interview with a leading business and finance magazine, an executive at VTA Publications mentioned that the company is planning at least one other major launch during the current year. With the success of Jim Hunt’s newest work, another major launch could cause VTA Publications to have a very productive year. By launching a major book campaign in the later part of this year, the company will almost certainly be able to capitalize on the major success of their previous book launching campaign. Because of the success the company has already amassed, they should be able to finish the year extremely well.  MoreMoneyReview has more information on Jim Hunt, and what VTA has done up until now.

Kenneth Goodgame Generates Millions Wherever He Goes

Some people seem to be natural-born salesmen. Retail merchandising, marketing and sales executive Kenneth Goodgame is one of them. After graduating from the University of Tennessee with a degree in marketing, Goodgame has gone on to make an astounding amount of money and a big difference in the staff for some of America’s best known companies. He has worked for Home Depot, Rubbermaid, Ace Hardware, True Value and others. At each stop along the way Goodgame has had a significant impact on the company’s bottom line with his management and marketing skills.

If Kenneth Goodgame had been given one percent of the money he generated for the companies with which he worked he’d be a multi-millionaire. He generated over $500 million in sales as director of proprietary brands and senior global product merchant at Home Depot. At Newell Rubbermaid Goodgame negotiated the largest-ever licensing deal, helped their Bernzomatic division achieve a 94% growth and signed Wal-Mart to a $30M annual contract. While General Merchandising Manager at Ace Hardware Goodgame helped grow the Craftsman program sales by $170 million, improved wholesale sales by almost $50 million and helped generate $150 million by increasing new store opening by 300%.

During the time Ken Goodgame was True Value Hardware Corporation’s Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer he had a significant impact on the company. He helped create a comprehensive 5-year corporate strategic growth plan, implemented an effective global marketing plan and initiated a vender supported advertising program which raised $20 million in two years. Plus he re-energized a flagging buying team and increased savings by almost 10% and rebuilt entire merchandising team by hiring a group of vibrant, talented new employees.

What has always set Kenneth Goodgame apart is his vision and his ability to inspire and motivate others. He has radically reformed and improved the functioning and profitability wherever he has gone. Plus his ability to devise ways to help companies save money while increasing their marketing reach is impressive.