Rocketship Education Gets a Closer Look

Rocketship public schools have become something that many parents are interested in. These charter schools are not available everywhere at this time, but there is a large amount of growth for this type of platform. With this education system serving 15,000 students with more possible growth in the near future it is time that many parents take a look at charter school systems.

Rocketship Education is something that has made it possible for students that live in low-income areas to still receive an education that is comparable to that of a private school. This is what many parents take a look at when they look at the grades of these schools. In some states children are in what is classified as failing schools. In order for some children to get a better education they have to be connected to charter schools where they will have more advantages of a tailored learning experience. This is part of the three pillars that make up the Rocketship school system.

Rocketship Education is evolving far from the San Francisco area where it was conceptualized. More parents are trying to find out how they can get their children inside of the Rocketship charter elementary school programs. They know that their children will have a better road to success in middle and high school if this is where they start. More than 85% of these schools are filled with students that are from low income environment. This definitely makes it possible for students that may have been part of failing schools to get a better outlook on how they can learn.

In the Rocketship Education program there is going to be a greater amount of accountability from the parents because there is a greater level of communication with the teachers. The parent involvement is the third pillar of this education program, and it is truly an important pillar because it keeps parents in a place where they are monitoring what their children are doing. Parents have a better understanding of how their children should be progressing if they are paying more attention to their daily assignments.