Sweetgreen: Selling More Than Just Salads

The best ideas are born when you desperately want something and there is no one producing that which you specifically want. That is how Sweetgreen was born, from the need to find a healthy, sustainable and friendly eatery. Ru, one of the co-founders of Sweetgreen spoke at the Wharton Marketing Conference revealing the challenges they went through and how Sweetgreen was born. The need to find a great eatery drove the four senior students to come up with a business plan and present it to their landlord who made them learn the virtue of persistence and commitment by playing cat and mouse with them for almost a month.



Ru adds that Sweetgreen is committed to all its stakeholders including the employees, clients and investors. For them to be this successful in a span of seven years they have learn the virtue of selling not only their healthy meals but also selling values and themselves as a brand. The company goes over and beyond to treat their customers well.



Having a strong corporate culture is another main attribute to the success of Sweetgreen. It is not so much of the meals but the values the company shares and speaks while serving their clients. Businesses and entrepreneurs can borrow a leaf from Sweetgreen. The three partners were straight from college but through a thorough market research and personal experiences, they have been able to take their business to a high competitive level in just a few years since its conception.



Nathaniel Ru has a bachelor’s degree in finance from Georgetown University, Washington D.C. he was born in Pasadena California. His entrepreneurial spirits come from being raised by entrepreneurial parents. He is also the principal in Sweetlife Ventures, a festival that is held annually that brings both musicians, artists and hoteliers together to make merry and celebrate together.