HCRC Founder, Brian Torchin Responds To Transitions In Healthcare Recruitment

A decade is a long time to be in a successful, thriving business, yet HCRC Staffing founder, Brian Torchin has done just that. In fact, Torchin has found success in several enterprises. He’s regarded as a chiropractic guru, with vivid vision for success. His business solutions come from combined creativity and an innovative spirit that helps many of today’s companies maximize opportunities.

Responding To Transitions In Healthcare

To respond to the changes and evolving requirements in healthcare systems, clinics and private practices are increasingly turning to staffing companies, like Philadelphia-based HCRC. According to Brian Torchin, staffing companies have become a strategic approach for organizations to improve care for patients.

Healthcare organizations have found that the recruitment process for professionals are easily handled by staffing companies. This process helps to reduce the cost of recruitment, and the training of the healthcare workforce.

Moreover, in the long run, this well-designed process can also improve staff productivity, and retention. “Organizations have found that one critical element of using our staffing agency is having less absenteeism, and improved employee engagement. By utilizing staffing agencies, you find you have a better workforce in place,” says Torchin.

One area HCRC stafing is most useful is attrition. Attrition can be a result of many reasons today, including death in families, raising children, seeking additional training, or even migration to other locations, yet patient needs continue.

The demand for healthcare services has put HCRC front and center for staffing requirements and Torchin does a heck of a job matching supply for demand.

According to Proudct Hunt, Brian Torchin has achieved remarkable success in a field of uncertainties and challenges. With a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware in Education Science, and additional medical training as a chiropractor, Torchin built a successful practice.

In 2007, he co-founded HCRC Staffing, turning the healthcare recruitment business into a nationwide success.