Vlogging In Ikebukoro with Kim Dao

Popular Australian Youtuber, Kim Dao, who is known for her beauty and lifestyle videos also frequently uploads vlogs on her second channel, “kimdaovlog.” The videos mainly focus on her day to day outings in Japan.


Unlike her other videos, Kim Dao started off this one already outside. Joining her for the day was Sunnydahye, another popular Youtuber. They began with a meal at a sushi restaurant. The order process consisted of placing a selection on a screen and waiting for the food to be delivered. Kim Dao mentioned these systems are popular all over Japan.


Up next, they headed off to Sunshine City in Ikebukoro. A mandatory stop at the Pokemon Center was needed.  However, she noted she is unlikely to be in Japan on release.


After fawning over a myriad of Pokemon related goods, Kim Dao and Sunnydahye ventured to Starbucks. Sunnydahye placed an order for a cold frappuccino. While Kim Dao opted for her favorite hot drink, the Sakura Blossom Latte. As she waited for her drink to cool a tad, she proceeded to work on video editing since she brought her laptop.


This was followed up by a visit to a game center for crane machines and dancing.


Catch Kim Dao’s She looks like a Charmander | Shopping in Ikebukuro ft. Sunnydahye.