Dr. Akhil Reddy: Providing Excellent Dental Services One Client At A Time

According to Yellow Pages, Dr. Akhil Reddy is an experienced dentist associated with the MB2 Dental Solutions. The firm is designed to offer business services to the dental practices.

Dr. Reddy is a Dentist practicing general dentistry in Texas. With nine years of experience, Reddy has established himself as an excellent dentist in Texas.

He graduated from the University of the Pacific in 2008 and is associated with the Bliss Dental-Lubbock, Texas.

As a general dentist, Dr. Reddy is involved in diagnosing and treating the oral health problems. He also provides preventive treatment to patients like teeth cleaning, cavity fillings, fluoride treatments, and X-rays. Dr, Reddy also performs root canal procedures.

Bliss Dental

This is a dental firm that is affiliated to the MB2 Dental Solutions. The dental practice was established on November 2011. It has three governing directors: Dr. Akhil Redd, Dr. Chris Stephen Villanueva, and Dr. Andrea Salazar.

With their state-of-the-art technology, the Company provides the highest dental services to their customers. Bliss Dental is formed by a team of professionals who include dentists, associates, and trained staff.

Bliss Dental is one of the best dental clinics in Texas. This is because they have combined modern technology, excellent service, and experience to cater to their patients.

The dentists in the clinic offer:

General dentistry: sealants, porcelain crowns, teeth cleaning, and oral exam

Cosmetic dentistry: the services provided include Invisalign teen, veneers, Zoom whitening, and tooth colored crowns

Specialty dentistry: orthodontics, periodontics, oral surgery, and Endodontics among others.

Through the partnership with the MB2 Solutions, Bliss Dental has opened two more offices to cater to their growing clientele.

MB2 Solutions

The company was established by Dr. Chris Villanueva in 2009 with the aim of providing business solutions to dentists. The one common challenge that all dentists experience is in running the business.

According to White Pages, by providing them with these services, the MB2 solutions are allowing the dentists to go back to the fundamentals of the business- taking care of patients.

The company today has over 70 affiliated dental offices across the United States. All these dental firms are governed by their core values that allow them to deliver quality service. Learn more about MB2 Dental: http://mb2dental.com/

You can join the Company and partner with the experts in the field. Before you join, the Company will send a representative to evaluate your practice. This is so that they can know what services that your clinic needs.

Jason Hope And The Internet Of Things

In a recent article, Engadget wrote about Jason Hope and his belief in the Internet of Things. He believes the Internet of Things will be the best new advancement in technology.

A lot of his articles can be found at Tech.co online and the best minds in the industry value his opinions.

Changing your television channel with your smartphone is one way the Internet of Things works. Scheduling the lights in your house and tracking accidents on the roads are others. Devices connecting to each other to help us become more efficient and produce less waste is what it is all about.

Jason Hope believes this will be the greatest investment corporations will make. Companies will need to incorporate the Internet of Things into their products to stay competitive. He believes all devices will soon connect to each other and the competition to make it happen will be fierce. In the end, it will improve our lives and make us safer.

Jason Hope is a big supporter of the SENS Foundation. He has donated over one million dollars to the foundation to help find cures for diseases such as Alzheimer’s. SENS looks to prevent age-based diseases, knocking them out before they begin. He believes rejuvenation technologies are the future of medicine.

Hope is a philanthropist and his biggest passion is the SENS Foundation. Besides SENS, he donates to education and local organizations. He believes the key to good philanthropy is finding something you are passionate about.

Find more details about Jason Hope on Crunchbase.

USHEALTH Group – Successful Insurance Company

USHEALTH Group Insurance Company is an American-based company offering health insurance covers situated in Forth Worth, Texas.The group has over 50 years in operation gaining the trust of more than 15 million customers with tailor-made health insurance solutions. The group consists of an interlinked health insurance networks, forming a family dedicated to serving small business owners, employees, individual families, and self-employed individuals.

SHEALTH Group insurance covers range from the accident cover, short and long term illness cover, disability cover, income protector cover, dental plans, and term life insurance cover. In the competitive market where customers’ loyalty is hard to get, the group has been able to maintain their customer’s loyalty through quality service and prompt response in case of any incidence involving an insured client.

To ensure that the customers get the best cover according to their needs, USHEALTH has advisers in place set to explain and walk customers through the covers they offer without omitting any information.The clients then make an informed choice on the best cover to choose from a list of more than ten available covers. The group has various subsidiaries like Freedom Life Insurance to ensure that different customers in different geographical areas get the innovative tailor-made products.

USHEALTH Group has always held their mission of helping people every day (HOPE). The mission has seen the company sacrifice time, labor, and finances to assist in elevating the local community living standards. This makes the group the best in undertaking corporate social responsibility. The group management has always been on the front line to instill the faded loyalty in the insurance field.


The elections and their impact on the Americans according to Brad Reifler

The elections have come and gone, Trump was the surprise winner of the college vote, edging out Clinton who clearly had the popular vote. The question that many Americans are still pondering about is how the elections will affect them personally.

PR News Wire believed that Business experts such as Brad Reifler had looked into the possibilities that would present themselves when either Trump or Clinton won, and the analysis is as follows.

Taxation at different income levels

Before the elections, the two candidates had promised that they would be looking into the tax code and simplifying it. The suggestion that Clinton had made was to deal with people with an income of more than a million dollars. The length of time one had been earning would also have had an impact on how they are taxed.

However, now that we know for a fact that will not be happening, let us look at what Trump had proposed. The law that seems to be the one that will take effect will be condensing the tax brackets into fewer income levels. He had also pledged that he would reduce the taxation on married people. Learn more about Brad Reifler: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/bradreifler-226

The part that had resonated well with many was the suggestion that he would put in place taxation laws that would target the upper middle class.

About Child care

This is the one area where the supporters of both candidates will not be antagonized. Both Trump and Clinton wanted to create a situation where families with little children would get subsidies to manage the cost of caring for their children.

Estate tax

Trump had stated that he would change the entire legislation that governs Estate tax. On the other hand, he wants to increase the amount of money that is made from capital gain taxes and ease the burden of the small scale farmers and small businesses.

About Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler is the CEO at Forefront Capital, a position Brad Reifler has held for the past seven years. He is very famous for his many and successful business ventures. According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler was previously working as a CEO at Pali, the company that he established after selling yet another of his companies, Refco.


Fabletics is a fashion industry that specifically deals in selling sport clothes. They have been able to get sufficient customers and have been able to penetrate in different parts of the world because they have a lot of experience in the industry, they understand the customers’ needs and know well the brands that sells in the market. Apart from selling clothes from the store they also sell through online platforms. The company has tried to do away with the notion that brands with high value are of high quality and that the prices are high quality because of the demographics and the type of brands they sell. This strategy is bearing fruits because they are opening more and more stores and the demand increases by the day.



Reverse showrooming has helped Fabletics company to succeed because it has helped the people use browsing in a positive way. On top of this, the showrooming strategy has helped the company to know different markets and build a better relationship with customers. The company has a convincing membership program where customers become members on their first visit to their outlets while still retaining their usual customers. This has been of great importance to Fabletics because they are able to stock only what their customers want.



Fabletics fitness is a company owned by Hudson Kate, one gets to be a member on a monthly basis subscription and the positive side of joining this company is that members get up to three pieces of clothes at much discounted rates. Above all if in a particular month one does not require any item there are no charges. Joining the group is very important and very advantageous because one is not forced to pay any monthly subscription, the first items you buy are given at a very low price plus discounts are given on particular items. Once one becomes a member, they have a choice of selecting the type of clothes and designs they want online, then on monthly basis one can come and collect the outfits. This makes the company retain its customers since they always get the clothes they desire at all times. Delivery is also free for the members.



The quality of their outfits is very good despite the prices being a bit high compared to other stores and their clothes last for a very long time. One gets value for their money as the outfits are made from the best materials and are very comfortable. When it comes to style they have the very best selection one could ever find. The company has all the styles you could think of in this world and this makes them stay ahead of other clothing industries. Their style is modern and trendy and this makes it suits everyone. Moreover, they have the best customer service ever, they attend to the clients and make sure their problems are solved. The online platform they use is very convenient in such a way that ordering an item is quick and it is received on time and also it is easy access their website.

Finding Opportunities and Taking Them On Courageously Like Lori Senecal

Throughout her career, Lori Senecal has shown a lot of courage and has taken a lot of risks. This type of courage is what landed her advancements in her career. She has shown an ability to make the hard choices for companies which would ultimately bring it to greater levels of success. This courage and bravery to take on uncomfortable situations is what has helped her hold positions in leadership for the companies that she has worked for in the advertising industry among other industries. However, one would not expect her to go in the direction she did if they were to observe her as a child.

There are certain types of children that get a lot of attention growing up. Lori Senecal was not one of those children. She has not been the center of attention when she was around other children. However, she has realized that being the center of attention is not what she wanted anyway. She has decided to take on other activities that have helped build her confidence without having to interact with people or work with them. One example of this is gymnastics. This activity has given her enough confidence to coach and help build confidence in others.

Despite her shy and introverted personality, she has taken an interest in marketing. Of course some people would try to talk her into pursuing something else because marketing requires being able to reach out and network with people. However in her NY Times interview, one thing that is important for Lori Senecal is that she is pursuing something that she is interested in. One thing that Lori did not want was to settle for less just because someone wouldn’t approve of her. Therefore, she has looked out for opportunities to get into marketing and has taken them with courage.

One thing that Lori Senecal has shown is that it is important to take on opportunities right away so that one could be able to succeed at what she wants. If one hesitates even for a second, that could result in the opportunity vanishing. Fortunately, Lori has taken many opportunities and has eventually become one of the leaders of CP&B.

For more info, visit Lori Senecal’s Twitter page.


Changing The Perception of the Markets: Sam Tabar’s Work

The business world is constantly looking for quality minds to lead companies into the future. There are many bright young talents working their way up the corporate ladder right now, but one of the biggest names is Sam Tabar. Sam Tabar started his career as a lawyer, but today he has worked his way up to a high profile position at FullCycle Fund.

Sam started his career by receiving a degree from Oxford University and a law degree from Columbia University. After passing the Bar, Sam immediately started working for a high profile law firm in New York. He enjoyed working at the firm, but he wanted to broaden his horizons. Eventually, Sam took a job with Bank of America working in the Asia-Pacific region.

Sam excelled at Bank of America and eventually worked his way up to Head of Capital Strategy for the company. He helped fund managers build their introductions to clients, so they could properly sell endowments, pensions, foundations, and family offices. He eventually attracted the Sparx Group, another powerful fund within the Asia-Pacific region. At Sparx, Sam managed every part of their global marketing effort. He loved his job, but he jumped at the opportunity to work at FullCycle Fund.

FullCycle Fund provides Sam with a truly unique opportunity. The fund has named Sam Chief Operating Officer, and he will be in charge of the fund management strategy for the company. Sam is excited to work at FullCycle because they believe in changing the world with their investment strategy.

The world is changing rapidly, and humanity must adapt to it. FullCycle Energy Fund has a bright future in mind. They are investing heavily in energy efficient fuels, and they feel their strategy will lead to a brighter future. Sam Tabar hopes to take the company to new heights as Chief Operating Officer.

The world of business is cutthroat, and only the toughest minds will reach the top. Fortunately, Mr. Tabar is up to the task. He approaches each new job with enthusiasm, knowing that he can take the company to new heights. The business world is sure to hear more about Tabar in the future.

Flavio Maluf: His Flourishing Career as Eucatex President

For over three decades, Flavio Maluf has worked in Eucatex group of companies. The Brazilian, Flavio Maluf, was born in December 2, 1961. He graduated from the University of Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) in Sao Paulo with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical Engineering. For more than a year, he lived in abroad working and studying business management in the University of New York.

Flavio Maluf got married in 1986 to Jacqueline Torres. They were blessed with two children. The 22-year-old daughter studied in the University of London and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. While she was just 19, she formed an administration company in Brazil. She is also a strong member of the Armando Penteado Foundation. His 15-year-old son has his father’s footsteps to follow. He wants to be a founder and successful businessman. He is currently studying engineering in in England.

Flavio is currently working as the leader of Eucatex Group. He worked innumerous sectors in the company during his trajectory. His career commenced in the trading department. He went to the industrial section of the company after many years of experience. Flavio continued to succeed in all he did. His uncle, who was the current president of the company, decided to appoint to take part as the board member of the company. His great collaborative and innovative skills led to his recognition.

While he was still working at the trade department of the company, his uncle retired. The family of maluf sat down and discussed. They agreed unanimously to appoint Flavio Maluf as the next president of the company. Flavio Maluf became the president of Eucatex in 1997. While focusing on innovation and technological investment, he began his career. In the segment, he has launched many projects.

He began modernization a process to form new management formats upon assuming his seat as president. He had a united prefill. He is an individual that seeks success and perfection. For most, he is a very centralized executive. Eucatex was the first company to work towards achieving acoustic and environmental comfort. The company is working to meet future needs and develop a rapid business towards success.

Executive Profile of Scientist Mikhail Blagosklonny

According to Nature, Mikhail Blagosklonny is a scientist, and majors in cancer and aging studies. He is the current professor of oncology at the Roswell Park for cancer patients. Mikhail Blagosklonny also was known as “Mish” and has a master’s degree and Ph.D. in experimental medicine and cardiology. He studied in the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg.

After completing his studies, he got nominated as the associate professor of medicine at New York Medical College in 2002. He later became the senior scientist at Ordway Research Institute still in New York until 2009 when he assumed his new role at Roswell Park. He majors in cancer studies, cancer therapies, aging and anti-aging drugs.

According to Impact Journals, Mikhail Blagosklonny is the chief editor of the aging cell cycle and the Oncortaget. He is also a proud member of the editorial board that deals with the cells death research and differentiation.

Also, he is an associate editor of the cancer biology and therapy publications. Mikhail Blagosklonny has edited and published more than 270 papers in peer-reviewed journals and close to 25,000 citations giving him a credit record in his career.

Mikhail has a broad range of research interests that tackles molecular and cellular biology, clinical investigations, cell cycle, apoptosis, signal transduction, anticancer therapies, and drug resistance.

Mikhail Blagosklonny’s role at the Roswell is to monitor the cancer patients and a therapist, ensuring that they are well treated and attended to. He also deals with aging issues, advising patients on the appropriate anti-aging measures and issuing the anti-aging drugs.

He intends to take a new role on TOR signaling in cancer and aging. He is believed to be the best candidate to take on the role as he has the adequate knowledge and experience needed. He formulated the hypothesis and proposed the use of rapamycin drug for life extension.

Is Conditioning Your Hair Really Worth It?

These products make the hair softer and more manageable if done right. Unfortunately many people don’t knw how to properly condition their hair, which can lead to a host of issues down the road. Even some of the higher profile brands like L’Oréal, Aveda, Pantene, and others can’t give you the best results because of their unique chemical structures.

These products may help you achieve a specific look, but the daily grind of use will destroy it from the follicle up. Over Conditioning is just like over shampooing as it literally puts too much stress on the hair. When the hair becomes stressed, it will limp and lifeless to some degree. This is when your hair is at a dangerous point as it’s now more prone to break. Yikes!

The first thing to do when buying conditioners to check the ingredients list. Most harmful chemicals have names that are literally impossible to pronounce in most cases. Checking it’s strength is another good way to avoid these hazards as you should always strive for a more gentle approach. With the immense range of conditioners on the market, finding what works for you is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. There are hundreds if not thousands of products on the market, which is why the haircare isle at your favorite store extends for miles and miles.

Follow Chaz Dean @CHAZDEAN

Founded by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean, WEN by Chaz is the all new weapon of choice for conditioning the hair. These conditioners are innovative as they don’t produce any lather, are gentle, can be used consistently, and are full of organic ingredients. Nourishing the scalp and hair is the key. WEN Conditioners posses the finest of ingredients such as lavender, fig, cucumber, pomegranate, wild cherry bark, chamomile, aloe vera leaf, sweet almond oil, rosemary, and other organic extracts. Being a leave-in treatment, WEN products can be left in while you shower, brush your teeth, or exfoliate your face before rinsing out. The benefits definitely outweigh the risks, but there aren’t any risks associated with WEN by Chaz.